Payment Surcharge

A surcharge of 1.2% will be added to the total amount of payments made to Lifestyle Australia when using the credit option. The surcharge applies to Visa and MasterCard.

Lifestyle Australia incurs fees from financial institutions when customers chose to pay for services using the credit option. This is the cost associated with providing our customers with a high level of security when processing on-line payments.

Additional information

  • Is the surcharge included in the transaction amount or as an additional amount?
    The credit card surcharge is applied on top of your transaction when you select ‘credit’ as your method of payment.
  • Why is the credit card surcharge implemented?
    Lifestyle Australia is charged fees by financial institutions when customers pay using the credit option. It has become standard business practice elsewhere in industry (and government) that customers who choose to pay for goods or services using the credit option incur a surcharge.
  • What Lifestyle Australia products incur the credit card surcharge?
    The credit card surcharge applies to all products paid for using a credit option.
  • Will the credit card surcharge be applied forever?
    The credit card surcharge will apply for as long as there are these costs associated with credit facilities.
  • Will the amount increase, if so how much?
    The credit card surcharge may increase in line with business costs associated with credit transactions.
  • What is Lifestyle Australia going to do with money collected?
    The money collected relates purely to the fees charged by financial institutions.